Angel Bates

Lives in  California United States · Born on August 4
Angel Bates
About Me
Hey!! My name is Angel.<br /> <br />I'm an aspiring Filmaker and Director and I need fellow San Diego Filmakers, producers, writers, and editors to work with! Filmaking is my passion and i'm assembling a crew/partners to join my production team of making independent, short, and feature films. If you find your self in the same position in desire to work with or have film partners then I need you!! I'm very serious about it and if you are too, Respond! Don't hesitate!<br /> <br />I'm looking for people who have AT LEAST one of the below:<br /><br /> - Have any equipment(Cameras, lighting, editing etc[even just an imac to work on!) to use for the team you will be apart of...<br /><br /> - If you have simple audio equipment like wireless microphones<br /> <br />-An editor who would like to have some projects to better your editing skills on if you don't have full confidence<br /><br /> - If you have none of the above, but have talent behind or in front of the camera<br /><br /> - If you have no talent, but a good attitude, creative ideas, and desire to be part of this production team, I would like to hear from you too!!<br /><br /> <br />You have to start somewhere, so start here! Let's make some magic!!<br /><br />Facebook:
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