February 8, 2013

ArcLightArcLight Documentary Film Festival
Enter to Win $10,000

Join  ArcLight Cinemas' Documentary Festival for your chance to win $10,000. Entries  are being accepted now until May 31st. In order to submit your film  into the festival, you must register on and submit a trailer, no longer than 2 minutes in length. The top 7 trailers of  each of the 5 categories will then be posted on ArcLight's social media pages  for voting. The top voted for films of each of the categories will be shown at  ArcLight Hollywood from Oct. 14-17.  For  more information, go to

January 29, 2007

So we just launched the blog for our Horror film Death On Demand. It can be accessed at

Check it out and leave your comments.

Hope you enjoy!

December 18, 2013

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Happy Holidays!

Kim Welch
June 10, 2007
I love movies. I love working on them and watching people make them and watching people watch movies and i like watching movies. i like the people that make movies, i like the technology. i love that i love movies. i watched the 28 week later movie yesterday. I think that was shot digitaly, right? it was pretty hot. Kim

December 5, 2011
60 New Photos Posted! Gallery LIVE. Click here: "Lighting for Mood with Peter Stein, ASC and special guest William Klayer." Presented by, held in in Manhattan, New York City. thanks each and everyone of you who attended the Peter Stein, ASC "Lighting for Mood" cinematography workshop this weekend at the Studio in Manhattan, New York City. A big, special thanks to all of the attendees, Peter Stein, ASC, and William Klayer. Special thanks to our sponsors: Ikan, AJA Video Systems, Scheimpflüg Digital (aka Flug), Alzo Video, and American Cinematographer magazine.

October 6, 2007
Another Scramble video. This was a script scramble, so each team wrote a script and they were redistributed on kickoff night. We had to stay within 90% of the original script, so we were able to merge some parts and eliminate some of the more ludicrous set designs. The team that got our script was pissed. I guess they had trouble conceptualizing a musical transsexual dance off. One day, we're going to shoot it ourselves and it's going to be just as awesome as it sounds.

February 3, 2007
I am glad the extortion case ended between Bruce Willis and a childhood friend who sought $100,000 and a car in return to keep private information, private.  According to my friend, Paul Bloch, it turned out amicably all the way around.  Woo Hoo!

November 23, 2007
Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles that you have when choosing to attend film school is the cost involved – tens of thousands of your hard-earned dollars. That’s why many potential students back out early, choosing instead to get whatever film-related job comes their way while hoping at the same time that they could work their way from there. But that seldom happens. Only a few very lucky people make it from bottom to top. Others give up as soon as they realize that they were only working for eleven weeks in a given year. According to them, it is much better to get a steady desk job no matter how boring. At least, you don’t have to worry whether you’ll have enough money left to tide you over for the next few weeks. The good news is you don’t have to face those two extremes -- the high cost of film school and the stress of no work in between films. With a film scholarship school, the problem of cost is solved, at least partially. Now, you have the chance to attend a film school without worrying about the cost involved. Below is a list of film scholarship schools that you may want to consider: Women In Film Foundation. This organization is dedicated to providing film scholarship schools to female students regardless of age, ethnicity, or religion. The scholarship is based on the student’s academic standing, talent for the performing arts and commitment to a curriculum that is mainly film-based. Each year, the Women in Film Foundation awards several grants to female students enrolled in many of the major film scholarship schools in Los Angeles, California. The Foundation works differently from other scholarship foundations because it works in tandem with corporations and schools instead of directly accepting scholarship applications from the general public. In other words, it is the faculty of these film scholarship schools to nominate or accept the application forms submitted by students who are already enrolled in any of the accredited film-based programs. Vancouver Film School. Vancouver Film School is a post-secondary school for the entertainment arts with courses ranging from Foundation Visual Art & Design, Classical Animation, Acting Essentials, Digital Design, Film Production, Writing for Film, TV & Interactive Media, Sound Design for Visual Media, and many more. Each year, this film scholarship school holds the Vancouver Film School Western Canada Roadshow, where $200,000 worth of scholarships are handed out to Roadshow attendees. The money may be used to attend a short-term courses or even a one-year program at the Vancouver Film School to learn all that you have to learn about the filmmaking process. There are many film scholarship schools that offer deserving students the opportunity to enroll in film-based programs and bring them closer to their dreams. The ones above are but a few of the dozens available.