Peter John Ross
December 26, 2016
INTERACTIVE TUTORIAL - Color Grading [img][/img] For this new tutorial, you are tasked with editing from raw footage, but also to practice COLOR GRADING, create the sound design and music, as well as to shoot an insert shot to control the mood of the scene. Free 4K footage to edit, including some drone shots for the intro and ending. As always, credit the crew and hashtag #FRAMELINESTV See for the links, script, and additional information. also our tip on a basic intro to color grading [img][/img]

Paul Bruce
December 3, 2016
Edinburgh Shorts Film Festival Horror shorts reviewed by Ben Brown A recent student on the MSc course in ‘Film, Exhibition and Curation’ at the University of Edinburgh, Benjamin has an unabated passion for the 7th art of the moving image and a truly eclectic taste in films [img][/img]

Kim Welch
March 28, 2016
I am working on some new features in the networking section. Trying to do this and work on the other areas of the website including content for the magazine and the production costs and sales is a good bit of work. If you can test things and find problem or ways to make it more user friendly please let me know. Truly Kim