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  • New Features in Our Network

    I am working on some new features in the networking section. Trying to do this and work on the other areas of the website including content for the magazine and the production costs and sales is a good bit of work. If you can test things and find problem or ways to make it more user friendly please ...
  • Working on it

    I hope you're new year is off to a good start! I have started some major overhaul projects and looking to improve our websites over the next few months leading up to the NAB show we attend every year. We recently upgraded the networking section this post is in and have a few tweaks coming in the nex...
  • Working on the Networking Section

    We are working to update the networking section of StudentFilmmakers.
  • Back From IBC in Amsterdam

    I just got back from the IBC tradeshow in Amsterdam. It was a very productive trip and I found a lot of new companies that make lights, rigs, lenses and gear to add to our list or prospects for workshops, advertisers and contest sponsors.  Also, it was really beautiful and the people in Holland are ...
  • Great RED Camer Shots at the NYC RED workshop this weekend!
  • Early Sunday Morning

    I hope everyone is well and have a great day. It is 6:41 AM according the the computer clock. It's been awhile since a posted a blog so I thought i would comment on the workshop yesterday with Peter Stein ASC
  • HDSLR Workshop

    I learned many new tips and tricks and learned about things to come i didn't know about. For those that missed the Canon 5D and Canon 7D at the workshop in NYC yesterday stay tuned for updates. It was truly a great workshop. We will be doing more workshops so please sign up and keep coming back! T...
  • NYC Hands On HDSLR Workshop This Saturday

    NYC Hands On HDSLR Workshop This Saturday Across from Madison Square Park We have 5 5D and 5 7D cameras to work with plus other gear and lenses. Bring your own memory cards to save footage for editing. This is a great opportunity to learn, practice and network. For more information and to regis...
  • Heroes

    I am watching Heroes on my computer screen through the downloads you can get on I was just thinking about why this series works and why other TV shows work. I don't think there is one thing that does it. I think it is like what Ed Luter my Professors for "Writing about movies" said. He ...
  • Great Stories

    I know some really great books that would make great movies but i am always thinking that if i tell someone they might tell someone and then someone else will make the movie without involving me!
  • love your work

    I posted in the forums about working with others and how i hear about how directors choose actors and cinematographers they like to work with and how cinematographers work with crew they like to work with and I am sure it goes with all the people working in the business. Of course sometimes we work ...

    We have a few seats remaining for the RED camera workshop this weekend. Sign up now at
  • NYC Productions

    NYC Production Update!
  • hope everyone is having a happy holiday in the US

    I hope everyone celebrating out national holiday this weekend is having a great time! i think i am going to go see a movie. any suggestions?
  • How can i connect and stablize the Canon 5D on my bike

    How can i connect and stabilize the Canon 5D on my bike. i want to ride around central park and shoot from the handle bars or higher up from the point of view of the rider? And, how can i attach and stabilize the camera from a lower point of view say around the pedal height?
  • just got a canon 5D to review

    took it out of the box. set it up on a tripod. charging the battery. Want me to take a picture and upload it?
  • Remember the Titans

    I am watching a late movie called "Remember the Titans" it is good. i like the style.
  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! I went to see my mom and just got back and now my brother and hihs wife are visiting NYC. We went to midnight mass last night and we are looking for a place to have christmas day dinner.
  • NYC Workshops

    New Workshops. Sign up now!  

    Below is a link gallary of our first in a series of RED TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS. We will be covering...
  • Adventureland Review and Spoiler

    Adventureland I think there is a market for pot head movies. Get a life, right? And, I think that is the point in this movie. These two lost souls find each other and make a stab at making being a loser a cool thing. I think it is classified as a romantic comedy and not a pot head movie but it d...
  • Watchmen - Review

    I like most movies and i have to admit i like super hero movies but for some reason this didn't really work well for me. I have a feeling it was because i neede to read the graphic novel first and then watch the movie. It is long. Very long. Parts of it drag and i felt it didn't fit together well. I...
  • The Movie Taken

    The movie taken has some interesting story telling to it. I know some people might say it is not believable. Which is one of my own requirements but i have seen some real life unbelievable things that compare so it is not the work on the believable scale. I like some of the editing and camera work v...
  • Updated Software

    I just got the bug fixed that was causing the one item remaining to download error in the browser window. might have cuased your system to be a little funky. please please let me know if you see any bugs. i want to get this working smoothly for everyone.  truly kim
  • 2.02 update

    We just updated the software and you will find new page design selections and your profile image is increases to 200 x 200. please test things out and let me know your" mce_src="
  • New Film and Digital Camera Classifieds

    I added some practical classifieds for those of us starting our or needing to rent or buy cameras, lighting, film, tape and digital media. as always please let me know your ideas." mce_src="
  • Netwworking Flash Chat

    Has any tried the flash chat. I keep wanting to chat but there is not one online. Can we set up a time to have a chat?
  • Uploaded Quicktime

    i just uploaded a quicktime video. It worked. There is a funky watermark. I am working on getting that taken off. can someone please try uploading a video so we can test the program. let me know.
  • More n More

    I love movies and good TV series. I am watching the house second season one show at a time each nite. I just watched the on called "TB or not TB" shot by Roy Wagner, ASC. For study and ideas and for good story telling entertainement I really like this series and the "Law and Order" as well. Be creat...
  • Does Art Follow Form or Form Follow Art?

    Last night I watched “In the Heat of the Night” staring Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger with the cinematographer Haskell Wexler DVD has a very interesting look at Filmmaking in the Mid 1960s and comments about shooting it by Haskell Wexler in the special featur...
  • Checking in

    We are pushing to get the August issue out. If you are interested in advertising or have something you have writen you would like to submit please let me know and fill out the contact us form on the site [link=""]Click Here to Contact Me[/link]
  • New VB Forums Launched

    We have a new forums system set up now. I think you will like it. Check it out and see. You can upload a profile pic and there are many new features. You can also sign up for a blog just like this one here at http://networking.studentfilmmakers.comthe forums are here
  • filmfestivalpost is kickin

    Wow! The site is really doing well. We just changed it up a few days ago and we have about 14 festivals posting on it so far. It is partly because it is so easy to use. Check it out when you get a sec. Ok, back to work.
  • Back in NYC

    I am back in nyc and working on the magazine and websites. I have to send out statements for the advertisers. Please visit and use our sponsors. When you use them know we have more funds to add more things to the site and do more with the magazine. Let all manufactors and rental houses know how awso...
  • Leaving for Vegas

    I am getting ready to head to Vegas. just need to get the flat panel monitor for showing the finalists and winners of the Edgewise media contest on. We have a booth in the central hall this year. Should be Great. I will be at the booth on monday incase you are going to the show. Stop over and say he...
  • Working Sunday

    I am working on sunday. We had a page in the magazine layout this month that was open. I think we got it filled by Saul at the ASC. I just nailed a picture on the wall here of one of the tradeshows i went to not long ago so i can see all the  inspired film and video makers signing up for the magazin...
  • Working Working Working

    We have to get ready for NAB and we have all kinds of things to do before we go. Things like putting the final touches on the magazine. if you want to get an please let me know. and be sure to sign up for the EdgeWiseMedia contest before it ends. you can still post your video sign up and post here h...

  • Screen Writers

    I just got this from site. "The Writers Guild has indicated their industrial action would be a "marathon". AMPTP negotiator Nick Counter has indicated negotiations would not resume as long as strike action continues, stating, "We're not going to negotiate with a gun to our heads—tha...
  • Writers Guild of America Strike

    What do you think about the statements below? Do you know someone that is being affected? "Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers were called by a federal mediator. The producers said a deal couldn't be reached. The writers want more money from the...

    has anyone triedthe live chat program?
  • Make a Movie

    I love movies. I love working on them and watching people make them and watching people watch movies and i like watching movies. i like the people that make movies, i like the technology. i love that i love movies. i watched the 28 week later movie yesterday. I think that was shot digitaly, right? i...
  • The Borg - Star Trek Next Generation

    I was watching the new Star Trek Next Generation and Voyager Episodes last night that were in the Borg DVD collection I got Friday. It reminded me of the old days watching Start Trek with my Dad. I remember when I first saw the new Star Trek Next Gnerat...
  • Summer Shorts 2007

    We are setting up the summer shorts 2007 now. If you or anyone you know is interested in sponsoring let me know. Keep up the great work and remember if you set up a cool page you might want to message myself or jodymichelle for possible inclusion in the magazine networking pages. Kim

    We moved to a new office a week and a half or so ago off of Broadway and 26th street. 1133 Broadway. It is in the old St. James hotel that has been made into offices. It has the origial lobby from 1892. but what is amazing is to see my living room floor and walls for the first time in a long time. W...