Brayden Rowland

Lives in  North Carolina United States · Born on November 21 · Male
Brayden Rowland
Own Equipment
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High School
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5 to10 yrs
About Me
I like to make movies and short videos. I have about 5 yrs experience. Willing to travel to a certain extent. I own some equipment and am making more.<br />My directing inspiration is Alfred Hitchcock.
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Brayden Rowland
Hi Brayden, I am a MA Journalism student in Griffith College Dublin and I would like to use your "subtle scene" (1/9/2013) as background music for my school assignment. Please advise if it's ok. if y...
Brayden Rowland
<p>Hey, sorry, I haven't been on here in a while. You are more than welcome to use it if you still need it, if so let me know and I will create a download link for it.</p>
Brayden Rowland
Haha, you have more blogs than you do friends on him Kim, You blog an awful lot for just one man. LOL
Brayden Rowland
Hey Jason,<br /><br />I'm working on a short scene for one of my friends for his new movie based on a zombie invasion and wanted to know if you could film it really quick and send it to me so that I c...
Brayden Rowland
hey the director changed up the lines again your only lines would be "Breaking News Killer virus. Scientist Believe it can be transmitted by being bitten by someone with virus. I assure you that scientist are taking care of it all but intill then plz stay inside"
after that it done, the zombie biti...
jay croot
Hi Brayden just recieved your message, I currently don't have the equipment and resources to create and film such a scene, thank you for your offer
best wishes Jay
Wendy McNally
Hi Braydon <img src="" alt="Smile" title="Smile" title="v_middle" /><br />Welcome to the Filmmakers Network!<br />Post your v...
Brayden Rowland
Hey how much do you charge, I'm really looking for an under $100 dollar short horror/thriller film to do, but I'm not having much luck writing up the screenplay. Think you can help out?
Char-Lay Douglas
Hey, do you have any examples of your editing?
Brayden Rowland
Sorry for the wait, been busy lately, yes I have several examples, Ill send you a request to my companies page where most of our videos are at. I would suggest watching any of the videos dealing with the wrestler sting, as those are my best work. Thanks for the Interest!
Brayden Rowland
Kim Welch
Got Any New photos or Videos? <img src="" alt="Smile" title="Smile" title="v_middle" />
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Brayden Rowland
No not at the current time, but working on some more hope to have them uploaded soon
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