Emily-Grace Hyland

Lives in  New York United States · Born on May 28
Emily-Grace Hyland
About Me
I am a young British actress currently based in New York. <br /><br />Filming fascinates me as I love the idea of creative talents coming together to create a piece of art. It signifies the importance of working together as one cannot function without the other. Something which I found out very recently when I was working on a short film and twenty of us were waiting for the boom operator to show up for two hours!<br /> <br />I love changing people's perspectives and challenging society's views. Acting fascinates me because as an actor you have the power to make people feel, which is so important.<br /><br />I have always been determined to succeed as I am so passionate about what I do and I can't imagine myself doing anything else.<br /><br />I am always looking for opportunities for work, paid and unpaid to gain experience and meet other creative people in TV/Film/Radio/Theatre. <br /><br />Please visit my website at http://www.emilygracehyland.com<br /><br />Feel free to contact me with regards to any projects at emilygracehyland@gmail.com
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