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  • December 13, 2012 8:12 AM PST

    Featured at the Workshops

      Learn about and try out new tools, solutions, and gear at the Workshops.



      The   Miller Solo Pod is a 3-stage carbon fibre composite monopod intended   for use with   camcorders weighing up to 22 lbs. Designed for shooting on   the run and   in confined spaces, the lightweight Solo Pod is the ideal   companion   for your next shooting assignment. The highly stable precision   made   Solo Pod weighing only 1.8 lbs boasts a height range of 21”- 66”   and   comes with a comfortable neoprene grip. The reversible mounting stud     ensures universal compatibility, and the axial sleeve stage locks are     temperature-independent. The Solo pod is supplied with a custom strap     for ease of portability." width="125" border="0" height="125" hspace="5">



      The      Carl Zeiss Camera Lens Division designs and manufactures the finest      cinematography lenses in the       world. New for 2012 are five new   CP.2   prime  lenses, including an       ultra-wide 15mm, a 135mm   telephoto and   three 'Super Speed'    T1.5 lenses –     the 35mm, 50mm   and 85mm.   Encompassing 14 lenses   over 10 different      focal lengths,   the CP.2   lenses are the most   versatile and cost effective     cinema    lenses   available today.   Also new for 2012 is the first   Compact     Zoom, the    T2.9/70-200 –   featuring the same full frame   coverage and       interchangeable   mounts  as the CP.2 primes." width="125" border="0" height="125" hspace="5">



      Unleash   your sound with the Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO. The essential DSLR camera   audio adapter. The DXA-SLR PRO bridges the   gap between DSLRs and   professional video cameras by enabling pro audio   features that   facilitate high-quality audio recording directly to the   camera. Includes   dual trim controls, ultra low noise preamplifiers   for exceptionally   clean audio, fast acting limiters, VU meters,   phantom power and   headphone monitoring plus a unique AGC Disable   feature to reduce hiss.   Ergonomic chassis mounts securely to camera   and tripod for a truly   portable all-in-one high quality audio   solution. Two year warranty." alt="DXA-SLR PRO" width="125" border="0" height="125" hspace="5">



      The     new Beachtek DXA-SLR MINI active DSLR camera audio adapter allows you     to easily attach   microphones and wireless systems that have mini-plug     connectors to   DSLR cameras for control and monitoring features.    Ideal   for the   popular Rode camera mounted VideoMics. Also includes a   stereo     mini-jack input for stereo mics. Same great features as its big     brother   DXA-SLR PRO less the XLR inputs and phantom power. Mini     price, Maxi   features and performance. Two year warranty." alt="DXA-SLR MINI" width="125" border="0" height="125" hspace="5">

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