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    "The best critic is another writer. They always find a flaw!"
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    Robert Colon: Thank you for inviting me.  
    When I'm out and about, I always carry my ipad with me and when i see something related to a Script im working on, I write it as a note with detalis , location, day  or night etc. then when at home i put it to good use on the Script. Have always worked for me and Other Known Directors I know.
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    Kim Welch: I am still working on my story
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  • Kay Luke
    Kay Luke: The Nicholls, the Page. and the Blacklist are the three premier contest for people who are serious about a screenwriting career. 
    • Jul 19
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      Kim Welch I think I was blacklisted from the black list
      • Jul 19
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    Kay Luke: Jerry Seinfeld's DON'T-BREAK-THE-CHAIN CALENDAR. (Or as I think of it, the SHUT-UP-AND-WRITE! Calendar.) I got this one from the Writer's Store, which, alas, has passed on and now only exist in cyberspace. Its use is obvious. 
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  • Kay Luke
    Kay Luke replied to a topic in the group Writing Film & TV:
    Stan, nothing yet.

    It's still being evaluated, so that at least means the initial reader probably recommended it by now (whatever that's worth!).

    They're getting tens of thousands of submissions so honestly I'd expect not less than 6 months and pro...
    • Jul 16