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<p>INDIE FEATURE FILM LE FEAR IS RATED NUMBER 2 BEST MICRO BUDGET FEATURE FILM TO WATCH ON IMDB AVAILABLE ON WWW.LEFEAR.COM REVIEW SNIPPETS 'If Waiting for Guffman and the British version of The Office had a bastard child it would be Le Fear' 'They all fit together like a puzzle in a crazy story that, while it will probably be extra amusing to film makers, can be enjoyed by virtually anyone' 'Very solid throughout. The characters are well developed and played completely straight. This, combined with the Brentian levels of incompetence on display, manages to make you cringe and laugh at the same time' 'In the end director Jason Croot brings us a really good movie about someone making a really terrible movie. That is a really nifty bit of filmmaking. If you get the chance to check out Le Fear do so'</p>
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jay croot
Hi Derdish, I look forward to your feedback I hope you enjoy the film, best wishes Jay
Waruni Anuruddhika Chandrasena
Hi Jay,<br /><br />Thanks for sending me this link<br /><br />Regards,<br /><br />Waruni
Hi Jay,count me in.Thanks!
jay croot
Hi Waruni, I hope you enjoy the film Best Wishes Jay
jay croot
Happy 2012 Le Fear for you guys, IMDB rated best microbudget feature film to watch <br /> <br />Please leave comments on youtube and rate on IMDB movie meter ...
Watch this film online
I want to share it with all the student film community members for free this is the mpeg version
Jim Hughes<br /><br />This film is a music art concept. The film was written to be told by the music and not the dialog. There is no sound in the entire movie, only music.<br /><br />...
Watch this film online
Hey I hope your well and all your film making adventures are going great guns, I recently finished my directorial feature film Le Fear it is a fim within a film, IMDB rated it best microbudget film to...
Cathy Fleming
Thanks for sharing Le Fear. I enjoyed watching it, it made me laugh! The characters were great. My fav was the Wearwolf!
Watch this film online
Watch this film online
hey Thank you for joining this group, here is the link to Le Fear click download you will need limewire, vlc player or vuze to play the movie enjoy, you can also go to www....
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