Keith Mitchell

Lives in Los Angeles, CA, California United States · Born on August 9 · Male
Keith Mitchell
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Keith Mitchell, currently serves as CEO of New Hollywood Entertainment (NUHO), a distributor of quality independent films to the public on all distribution platforms. His experience in Hollywood spans over 20 years both as a screenwriter and producer. Upon the heels of the Writer’s Guild Strike of 2008, Mitchell ventured into the independent film landscape only to recognize that there was an inherent problem in the process of quality independent films making it into movie theaters. Hence the NUHO model was born.<br /><br />Mitchell penned the studio features Eddie, Mr. 3000, Dr. Doolittle 3, Like Mike 2: Streetball and The Sandlot: Heading Home and has set up projects as a producer in both TV and film at most of the major studios. <br /><br />A University of Michigan alumnus where he played in two Rose Bowls, Mitchell prides himself on this quote by his legendary football coach, Bo Schembechler.<br /><br /> <br /><br />“By your own soul, learn to live.<br /><br />If some men force you, take no heed.<br /><br />If some men hate you, have no care.<br /><br />Sing your song, dream your dreams<br /><br />Hope your hopes, and pray your prayers.”<br /><br />Bo Schembechler<br /><br />
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