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  • Harry Filby FREE AUDIO-POST / MUSIC / SOUND DESIGN Filmmakers! I am a recent graduate sound designer/composer looking to put together a portfolio of material. If you have any films, animations or anything visually interesting and are looking for FREE sound design, audio-post (foley, atmosphere etc) or music then please get in touch. Below is a short film that I did the audio-post for. I had very little time to complete this project and it does not demonstrate my full skills in audio-post, composing, or sound design. I am happy to provide more examples of my work or do a small tester clip per your preferences.
    Jun 25

  • Alessandra Ventura Um okay this is literally like Facebook but without the annoying Candy Crush requests. Okay so hi, im working on a film to submit for a chance to potentially win a full paid 4 year scholarship and i need actors and crew. I cant pay you, but its a very interesting story and im sure you'll have a great time, plus you'll meet a bunch of new amazing people! Please get back to me asap, thank you!
    Jun 22

  • Tobias Reese Great features!
    Jun 26