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  • Shekhar Gehlot Here's a sample Movie_Doc_Transcript I'll be glad to assist you if you need transcription services for your audios, videos, footage, etc@ USD 1/min.   Please feel free to write me at Media Name:  xxxx Media Length: xxxx    [Tape Starts] [00:00:00:00] [Clap] [00:00:30:05]     [00:00:40:10] Sanya:                           Now, my colleague is fixing with the help of the beams.    [00:00:47:19] Kiran:                           Very good. Thank you. Hey, what's that? It's the same here.     [00:00:53:25] Sanya:                           No, not the same.  This here is different.          [00:01:00:00] [Tape Ends]
    May 15

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