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<p>California Daze was recorded in Hollywood, California by Jim Guittard on his 4-track recorder and later mixed with Adobe Audition 2.0.  The songs pay tribute to the birth of the Neo-Psychedelic scene that emerged beginning in 2000 in Silverlake, California with groups such as the Beachwood Sparks, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Quarter After, smallstone, the Warlocks, the Tyde, and the Belle Isle.</p>
<p>Jim Guittard played the shaker, drum machine, and sang all lead and background vocals and had the help of friend Vladimir Maskov for bass.  Brian McKay engineered the recording of the Beach the acoustic version.  Guittard also played all lead and rhythm guitars.  The song Beach is co-written by Jim Guittard and Dominic Campanella of the Quarter After.</p>
<p>The "Swing Tune" and "Jazz Tune" are instrumentals written by Jim while attending the Musicians Institute from 1999 to 2000.  Jim plays the lead guitar with session bassist and drummer.  On the rhythm guitar is a guy from Brazil named Reginaldo.  He was a student with Jim at the school.  You can hear the teacher, "Mr. Lupo Groinig" giving a critique after the instrumentals end.</p>
<p>Just previous to this time I was in a duo called the Ragas which was folk-rock-psychedelic with Henry McGuinn, son of the Byrds founder. <br /> </p>