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  • Raman  Raghav
    Raman Raghav There are many factors that decide the destiny of a movie; however, one key player in the movie business is a film distributor. It is crucial for the well being of a film to have a movie distributor.
    How an independent film distributor is vital in the movie busine
    • Oct 10
  • Raman  Raghav
    Raman Raghav After signing the agreement you can officially buy film rights and showcase it on the preferred medium. There are film rights database from where the interested parties can buy film rights or can contact them.
    How legal process is a must when buying film rights? | Ultra
    • Oct 2
  • Raman  Raghav
    Raman Raghav http://www.ultraindia.com/
    Ultra group is known as leading movie and film distribution and content distribution company with a library of thousands of entertaining feature films rights, animation films, TV shows, documentaries and much more.
    • Sep 6
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