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January 25, 2012 · by
is the camera or the story more important?
1. Is the camera or the story more important?
Kim Welch
next most import? would you say Actors or the Camera? It is the ACTORS! The actors might just might be able to pull out a bad story but that camera will not.
Kim Welch
what is more important? The best camera or the best cinematographer? the cinematographer! The cinematographer may want to have some big great camera but a great one can light and shoot with almost anything. of course that is if you can get him :)
Mark Solomon
Ultimately, the audience doesn't know or care what equipment was used to make a work. The skill of the filmmaker in capturing the performances with whatever tools available is what counts. I place on equal footing of importance the quality of the actors' performances and the skill of the filmmaker. ...
Wendy McNally
Great, discourse!
Learned so much in so, few minutes!
I want to make a film, now :)
Lori Anne Jennerjohn
There's always a Story 2 Tell! The mind is the Camera! Expand It!
Li Tous
Totally agree with Kim
Howard Philips
The fact that radio is still so popular could be your answer! ; ) If you get a chance, watch Jon Fauer's "Cinematographer Style" for the answer, directly from many of the best, most active & creative cinematographers themselves: the story, always. The image is on the surface, of course we all love i...
Lou Kacen
Walter Murch " in the blink of an eye" lots of question can be answered by this book... :)
Kim Welch
<p>make a movie.</p>
<p>Yes, you can make the argument that to shoot a film - you need to find the right camera angles to best tell the story. But the fact is, without a story to attract an audience, what investments you do make are worthless.  </p>
<p>Fun Fact: "Act of Valor" was filmed with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.</p>...
Luis Sanchez
<p>Story, period.</p>
<p>Every movie, short, video tells a story, or at least it tries to, next I'd say script, then acting, then cinematography or sound, it depends on guess what? the story, and only then camera.</p>
<p>Reminds me of that thing about sound, where the viewer can stand 'bad' picture bu...
sadam siddig
the harmony between filmmaker & the story means they complete each other , if you need something very artistic focus in camera , if you need sth logical according to the rules of the game interested in the story ,
Kenneth A. Rivers
Without a doubt it is the story. Good cinematography cannot make a bad story good.
Alan Douglas Williams
<p>Okay. TWO cameras. EXPENSIVE camera shoots busy street life in NYC. CHEAP camera takes a similar photograph, which includes a famous celebrity in an extremely compromising situation. Which is the $1m shot? Story every time.  </p>
Carol Chavez
<p>I know this is an old quiz, and I'm late to the party, but its a great quiz!</p>
<p>1. Peter Bogdonovich (my favorite director) once said, "if you have a good story, you can get away with a lot"</p>
<p>2. Remember "Blair Witch"? shot on what? Had lots of bad camera movement, but it brought in big b...