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1. In 2007, the motion picture industry was responsible for how many American jobs?
2. By how can tourism revenues increase for a community after a successful film is made there?
3. What was the average salary for a production employee in 2007?
4. How much in American wages was the motion picture industry responsible for in 2007?
5. How much revenue to small business, vendors and suppliers was due to the industry in 2007?
6. How much was the industry responsible for in income and sales tax in 2007?
7. How much of our national trade surplus is the motion picture industry responsible for?
8. How many businesses throughout the 50 states comprise the motion picture and television industry?
9. What percentage of motion picture companies are qualified as small businesses (less than 10 workers)
10. How much did the industry contribute to unemployment, Medicare and Social Security in 2007?