Lives in Birmingham/Wolverhampton, United Kingdom · Born on April 16 · Male
About Me
Biography <br /> <br />Alexanda James Ried was born on the Sixteenth of April 1984 (making him 21 again this year) and he began performing at the age of four. By the time he was six his cute looks and family contacts gave him the break into showbiz, performing in pantomimes and musical theatre. <br />Unfortunately the cuteness wore off but Xanda’s talent for acting allowed him to continue performing up to the age of thirteen when he took a well earned break to concentrate on puberty and his school work. He returned to form in 2000 when he wrote and produced ‘Time of Death’ which received positive reviews and won two awards. <br />Xanda’s personality and stage presence opened up a number of doors for him (at McDonalds) and he continued to write while progressing in his studies at college. <br />From 2001 he teamed up with fellow class clown Steven Teller to produce ‘Tall Tales’ and the comedy ‘Rats’, while independently writing a series of hour long pantomimes for charity with his own imaginative spin, they included: ‘Snow White and the Seven Vertically Challenged’; ‘Sleeping Beauty’; and ‘Cinders’. <br />Xanda furthered his education by attending Birmingham School of Speech and Drama where he learned to do all the things he had been doing for the past sixteen years but correctly. <br />He persisted in his acting career even performing in London’s West End while also training in opera, performing throughout the UK. While his looks never landed him a lead role he was quietly content with comedy relief characters. His comic timing and improvisational skills also led to presenting and hosting for events and festivals. <br />In 2005 his hand turned from theatre to film, co-writing the horror ‘Cry’ which generated interest from producers in America but sadly not from the American studios. Xanda was also involved in writing, producing and directing ‘The Last Escape’ and ‘Midnight in the Museum’ (no relation to the family film of a similar title) for the stage. <br />In 2007 Xanda became ill and was soon diagnosed as having cancer. While Xanda insisted on his ability to continue writing and training he has taken some time to himself to focus on his health. <br />Xanda returns to us this year after his short absence with a full line up of productions for both stage and screen. He is currently in negotiations with American studios for his street dance film, ‘Little Red’ and with UK funding bodies for his film ‘Cry’. While back presenting, he is also delivering his own brand of humour on the comedy circuit next year; and there are more theatre productions including: ‘Forbidden UK’; ‘Little Red’; ‘Who Killed Santy Claus?’; ‘Underscored’; and expect more twisted imagination in his pantomimes including two new shows – ‘Jack vs. The Giant’ and ‘The Sorcerers Apprentice: You’re Fired!’. <br />Xanda was honoured with an award for his services to the country and his long standing charity work last year and was also recently voted the world’s best looking male (by his mom!) .
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