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  • Obama Doc Needs You!

    Hi: I have been shooting for the last several months, covering President Obama's first 90 days in office, for my documentary "From 0 to 90".  This entire documentary is groundbreaking for several reasons: 1. EVERY interview has been sourced through social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, ...
  • Online.tv Studios Now Open In Times Square!!!!!

    Great news!  The studio is up and running, and I have need of the following:- a direct marketing producer/research expert, who has produced infomercials with high conversion rates - I need samples of reels, references and data on proven results - we have all the crew and talent in house, we just nee...
  • Vote for My ON THE LOT ENTRY!!!

    Hi Everyone!Please help me get seen and considered by voting and reviewing my film. I think you'll really like it. Its what can be done in under a week, with the help of some really great actors and a wonderful writer.I directed, shot and edited this film, and I'm pretty darn proud of it:Melissa'...
  • What's Your Spielberg Moment?

    Since doing this On The Lot thing, I’ve been pondering the films that had the most effect on me.  Steven Spielberg is a prolific filmmaker, but one of his first, JAWS, really sucker punched my imagination awake. I love Spielberg’s films - from Saving Private Ryan to Close Encounters of The Thir...