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  • The Playground (Short Story) by Sean Maxwell Garland

    The Playground By Sean Maxwell Garland Copyright Sean Maxwell Garland 2009-2011, All rights reserved. The first thing Hale ever told me was that he was a monster. Next, he told me to run for my life; roaring a terrible sound that shook the ground, turning his hands into rabid claws, his e...
  • "Fly" Script

    "Fly"ScriptWritten by Sean Maxwell Garland and Sukhi BenningEXT. PARKING LOT jamie (V.O.) I had another dream... A pigeon stands on the ground, peacefully enjoying the freedom of living outdoors. His eyes jolt around, paranoid almost. He suddenly flies away. jamie(V.O.) ...where I was a bird... ...
  • "Gemini" by Sean Maxwell Garland for the Screenwriting Competiton

    SHOOTING SCRIPTGEMINIScene 1APARTMENT DOOR OF VALERIE SULLIVANFADE IN:1.    C.U. of a red apartment door numbered II in black, the sign of the Gemini. The sound of a woman’s giggle and keys rattling is heard as the door is unlocked and then pushed open.Scene 2VALERIE SULLIVAN’S BEDROOMCUT TO:1.    M...