I have 4 books for sale. Looking for buyers! :)

  • I write poetry based on what comes to mind and in whatever circumstance I find myself. When God called me to work for Him in 2007 after a forty year journey of working for myself, I realized that He had also provided the time to devote to putting the poems I write into book format. Some of the poems in these books may appear contrary to what many perceive as appropriate for a man of faith to produce. They are what they are and as such they belong herein.
    My personal faith in Christ has been growing daily and even through my stubborn and at times absurd rejection of what He wants for me, HE always remains steadfast and true. I really believe that Christ is the only true choice we have as humans. God does forgive and will not turn His back, no matter what we do to try to force Him.
    As you read through these books of poetry I pray that you also discover something about yourself and ultimately about God and His influence on all our lives.
    I thank you for even considering reading these rhythmic utterances. I pray also that it will bring you in touch with what God has for you.