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Classifieds » Festivals & Contests » Nothing, just sharing

Classifieds » Festivals & Contests » Nothing, just sharing

Nothing, just sharing

  • Short Description: Film Contest in its 12th Year... $250K Minimum Production Deal for Best Film Prize, but could be up to $1 Million Maximum prize too!
  • Location: United States


UPDATED: Last entry date is 5/13 and tere will be great tech equipment & lighting prize packages added to the various prize categories in addition to the previously announced production deal for the best film winner.  ALL FILMMAKERS, FINAL DAYS to REGISTER: 168 Film Contest, 12th Year! (168 rfers to 168 hours you will have to produce a finished 10 minute short for competition). The top prize is a Production Deal ($250K guaranteed, up to a $1 Million) All are welcome. It is Faith & Values friendly, but you can be of any religion or NO religion.  It doesn't mattter.  Every entrant is given a random scripture from the bible to use as an impetus for a 10 min short film.  The emphasis is on CREATIVE content.  This isn't about being preachy, or religious, but the film can't have nudity, swearing, extreme violence, or bash any religions.  Those are the only restrictions.  The goal is to nurture filmmakers who use creativity to be edgy, topical and most important of all...entertaining.  All of this is done while ultimately serving a wider audience.  Values-friendly, faith-friendly (as in being true to basic "be good to others principals") is a means of reaching a wider audience.  No rational person thinks values are bad.  This is a celebration and nurturing of that.  Your content does NOT have to be religious in any way!  If you want it to be, that's fine too (just no bashing).  If you look at some examples from previous years you will see this content is not restrictive and not square or uptight.  This is about a huge opportunity.  There may be additional prizes of a technical nature (to be confirmed). The last date of registration is 5/13/13.  Scripture assignments (the impetus only) for your storytelling will be issues simultaneously to all applicants thereafter.  http://www.168film.com/  Save $50  by using entry CODE: 168entry248   Some examples from previous entrants (contest has been around 12 years!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY-bH7luYSg       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SsS1nLdopQ