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Classifieds » Film Schools and Institutions » Admissions Open For August 2017 Batch

Classifieds » Film Schools and Institutions » Admissions Open For August 2017 Batch

Admissions Open For August 2017 Batch

  • Short Description: Mindscreen Film Institute founded by Rajiv Menon, started as a school for Cinematography and branched out to Screenplay Writing, Film-Making and Direction. Rajiv Menon, known for his passion for teaching, has mentored award winning cinematographers and directors during their formative years. Run by a team of senior professionals, Mindscreen Film Institute takes pride in having been the training ground for some of the best talent in the film industry today.
  • Location: India
  • City: CHENNAI
  • Zip code: 600004


Admissions Open For August 2017 Batch

Six Months Course on Cinematography

Six Months Course on Screenwriting and Direction

To apply visit https://www.mindscreen.co.in/ or Call 9841612595



4, Ranga Lane,Ranga road,Mylapore, Chennai - 600004

Ph: +91 44 42108682 / 24996417

Mobile: +91 9841612595

E-mail: mindscreen@mindscreen.co.in


Mindscreen Film Institute constantly reviews and upgrades the syllabus every academic year for the students to have a contemporary connect and co-relate to the constant changes in the film industry. The institution adopts innovative teaching methods and provides necessary guidance in meeting the changing needs of the students and the industry.


We at Mindscreen Film Institute believe in respecting, embracing and learning about the great films of the past. Faculty endowed with the necessary real-world experience and knowledge inculcate students to believe in themselves and gain self-confidence so that they can achieve in their profession, much better than what has been achieved in the past.


Content and information is accessible on the internet but good teaching is as much about passion as it is about reason. The faculty at Mindscreen Film Institute is passionate about teaching all about the industry, doing so in a manner that is relevant, meaningful, and memorable. Teachers not only motivate students to learn, but also help discover their hidden talents and core-strength.


At Mindscreen Film Institute, the students are provided with the opportunity to actively focus on sustainable, independent work. The students are encouraged to create and think out-of-the-box, helping them to boost their confidence level. The students are rooted in punctuality and are required to deliver their work within the stipulated timeframe to help succeed independently in their profession.


At Mindscreen Film Institute, students experience hands-on learning environment, working on the latest state-of-the-art equipment available on campus. Students get a better hands-on training in live production environment, learning as much as possible, accelerating their level of self-confidence and their ability to make the on-the-spot decisions that can affect a desired outcome.


Mindscreen Film Institute is a place in which a genuine joy for learning pervades, catering to the industry perspective by organizing fun trips to outdoor locations for students. In addition to the friendly and informal campus lifestyle, the students are encouraged to interact and live together enhancing the closeness and longevity of relationships