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Call for entries: Future Femme Film Fest

  • Hey,

    We wanted to let y’all know about our forthcoming film festival.

    We are a: film festival/streaming channel/music and multidisciplinary season of events.

    A little bit about us:

    The Future Femme Manifesto

    A future femme is someone who doesn’t ask for permission.
    A future femme knows her worth, her value, and her goals.
    A future femme doesn’t need anyone to open doors for her.
    A future femme doesn’t take no for an answer.
    A future femme ignores an irrelevant establishment.
    A future femme creates iconic, inspirational content on no one’s terms but her own.

    Future femmes make movies.
    Future femmes make history.

    Are you a future femme? Join us now.

    Future Femme Film Fest

    Anyone who identifies as a Future Femme may enter. (women, men, non-binary, trans)

    The Future Femme Film Festival is now open.

    Does your movie: elevate future femme perspectives, support the advancement of future femme talent, and empower future femmes through cinema?

    Enter now: Future Femme Film Fest

    Here’s a special 50% off code for entry at Film Freeway. Use FFFfriends here at https://filmfreeway.com/FutureFemmeFest.

    Read all about us over at our website http://futurefemme.com/



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