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  • FilmTVsound.com is a not-for-profit educational website created for filmmakers wanting to learn about Production Sound Recording. It serves as an online resource/coursebook for a few major universities, as well as a general resource for several of Hollywood's professional guilds. The site is full of instructional articles about the equipment and techniques utilized by Production Sound Mixers, but is written for students and beginners who may not already have any prior knowledge about sound recording. Most of the content has been written by Fred Ginsburg CAS PhD, who is widely reknowned as an expert in this field. An award winning sound mixer himself, Fred is also one of the very few sound people to have earned a PhD for his explanations of this craft. Because the site accepts no paid advertising nor commercial sponsorship, there is a minimal $25 registration fee for students. But, hey, that is way cheapter than any textbook!!



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