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  • Production Stills are a valuable part of a filmmaker's story. They capture moments behind the scenes that become great memories over the years, while the public can see the atmosphere and context in which the crew worked hard to create a great movie.

    Student Filmmakers invites all photographers to showcase their Production Stills in an exciting new photo contest!


    - Each photographer can enter up to 3 photos
    - Start Date: 27'th April 2021
    - End Date: 20'th June 2021
    - Winners will be announced on the forums on 27'th June 2021
    - A panel of staff members will select the winners of the contest based on the following criteria: clarity and quality of the image, composition, impact and technical attributes
    - Open to all students, schools, teachers, professors, educators, indies, and professionals.

  • 4/26/21 at 3:00 PM -
    6/20/21 at 2:50 PM
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Production Stills Photo Contest 2021


  • Salman Idris Qazi
    Salman Idris Qazi:
    Apr 27
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    • Salman Idris Qazi
      Maura Barbulescu Hello! If you wish to enter the contest, you need to post these pictures here, by creating a new thread

      You also need to provide a few details. Here are...  more