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Archive Footage needed on UK Reggae scene

  • July 16, 2012 4:02 AM PDT


    We are directing this ad to documenters and videographers around the country or the world as we are currently in process of editing a feature documentary based around a UK reggae artist. The documentary will be going to festivals this year. What we are looking for is archive footage from anyone who may hold it in reference to any form of UK based reggae whether it be establiishing shots of a reggae club in the UK, or passing shots of people playing reggae in the UK, jam sessions street music, reggae musicians, producers or surrounding people talking, whatever it may be we would love to include it in a short segmant of the film at which point a voice over artist is talking about the current state of affairs of the culture in the UK.

    The film will be featured at festivals around UK, Europe and possibly Northern America and anyone providing footage that is accepted will have a full credit listed as "Archive Footage Courtesy Of" on the film and will earn an imdb credit also.

    So please, if you would like to contribute to the production please send your footgae, or a private link so the footage can be reviewed along with your full name and contact number/e-mail address. (Contact details below)

    Many Thanks,

    Look forward to seeing the work

    Mark Brown



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