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Composer w/Orchestra looks to collaborate in film!

  • October 5, 2009

    Hello there!


    My name is Jessica, and I am a composer and Director of an orchestra in NYC looking to work with young Filmmakers in the NY area to build a portfolio of works.  This can be mutually beneficial for:


    - Students
    - Aspiring Filmmakers
    - Amateur Filmmakers


    How it can help ME: I build a portfolio that I can use for my musical works
    How it can help YOU: you get free music for your film that you can use for showings, auditions/interviews etc., and a possible performance of our collaborative work with my orchestra (check out


    I am really easy to work with, and just really want to learn more about the film industry.  To check out my music, and who I am, visit




    - Jessica


    [email protected]