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    Tim Tierney

    At The University of Rhode Island I run the video production TV studio and teach for The Film Media Program. My freelance work provides all kinds of interesting assignments and opportunities to work with and learn from iother talented folks.

    led by ttierney

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    Julien Boulier

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    led by Julien Boulier

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    SpeciaLives is a concierge service for young adults on a special path.  We take away the pain and anxiety of transition and person-centered planning.  Services include coordination of education, job/job coaching, home life, and social networks to support

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    led by Deborah Oveland

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    Ricks Works

    2D/3D Animators Unite. If you need animators for your projects, start here.
    led by Rick Owens

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    Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting: Bring a Child's Imagin

    Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting is looking for talented freelance filmmakers to create video content for their "Bring a Child's Imagination to Life" campaign. Each film must be 15 seconds to 120 seconds long, and capture the imagination of a child.

    ...  more
    led by Colette Marien

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    Videvo offers completely free stock footage and motion graphics for use in any project. We currently have over 2000 HD clips on the website, uploaded by our in-house team and awesome users - with so many clips to choose from you are guaranteed to find a

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    led by Tom Limb

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    The Rivalry


    An intensely scary short film that took the web by storm.

    led by Maxime Normandin

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    Brigid Mhairi

    I am heavily into music in general and love live performance.

    Never happier than when singing; I find the thrill of working with live musicians the best. The thump of the kick drum or the bass-line from my bass guitarist are the...  more
    led by Stefanie Damm