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    Abu Dhabi Filmmakers

    Filmmakers cafe will be a platform for filmmakers in the region.
    led by Rajah Balakrishna

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    North Texas Film Students & Filmmakers

    Texas is a large area and as such networking works best best by region of the state. This group is to help my fellow North Texan filmmakers and film students connect just to be able to better network for projects.
    led by iggzy

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    Animation / VFX

    Everything Animation and VFX.
    led by jodymichelle

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    Latest: "Gulliver Rising" Show of moral dilemma, and overcoming. Each one is different dramatic situation on the same theme. "To him that overcomest..." Revelations
    led by Annette Buchanan-Phillips

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    Get Paid To Get PAid Film Competition

    Qualified filmmakers who submit there films to be considered for webetheater between now and April 5th will be entered for a chance to be paid to put there film on in addition to keeping a majority of their actual ticket sales!

    The...  more
    led by Jan Morris

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