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    hi, to every one, makers of south and all over the world. we choose there path in creative field. the creative work done by one person using every technicians knowledge perfectly for a better result. so we discuss here to give great works in the future.
    led by neelamkash

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    Bee Flat

    I want to create a group of student or newely graduated or poeple who love to help like Cinematogrphers,AD,AP, Editors, Actors,Photographers, Makeup Artists, Custom Designer,Production Designer and who ever like to work in films in order to exchange...  more
    led by Jene Tamraz

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    SilentJets Music Video Competition

    British Independant rock/Pop/Electro group Silentjets require a video for their forthcomong single Warning Sign. A quick link can be found here

    The MP3 can be sent to those interested in entering via email.
    led by michael sanderson