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    Margot Filmhouse

    Located down town in the city of Athens

    Margot works as a Social Cooperative Enterprise of Film Professionals, 

    providing services covering all stages of film production

     including; script consulting and development, casting, 


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    led by Stratis Chatzielenoudas

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    There's a lot of production and post-production talk going on here, so here's a break from that to take a look at the process that gets us all into this crazy mess- Screenwriting.
    led by filmkid

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    Actors Group

    Post your photos, experience and help others. Connect with independent filmmakers and producers and get exposure. A place for Actors to post. Looking for an acting job or want to connect with other actors and actresses or just learn more about the art...  more
    led by Kim Welch

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    Short documentaries online - Vietnam, Water and Puppets

    Here my short documentaries about Vietnam Water Puppets Theatre and Vietnamese culture. You know some other nice documentaries online about Vietnam, Developing Countries, Puppets...?

    led by Alessandra Grassi

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    Bennight Brothers Series

    After the loss of their father to cancer, three brothers learn of a family secret written and encoded in their fathers will, one that is both steeped in legend and myth that speaks of a vast


    The Bennight
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    led by Bennight Brothers

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    Navi Mumbai International Film Festival (NMIFF)

    The first ever International film festival of Navi Mumbai, NMIFF (Navi Mumbai International Film Festival) is founded with the idea to showcase the talent & creativity of filmmakers under the sky of this beautiful city.  Entries at NMIFF are open to all

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    led by Sachin Khanna

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    Colchester Film Festival

    Colchester Film Festival is an international film festival dedicated to discovering and showcasing the best filmmaking talent from around the world. Alongside the films we feature a series of workshops and masterclasses from guest speakers including

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    led by Tristan Syrett

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