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    Lorien Music Lessons

    Lorien Music is your one stop solution in New Orleans for taking the violin and piano classes New Orleans. Professional musicians and educators serve you at Lorien Music and you can trust these individuals completely.
    led by Lorien Music Lorien Music

  • 552

    Miami Filmmakers

    A place to meet and hopefully collaborate with fellow aspiring filmmakers in the Miami Area
    led by rgesualdo

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    Sony Vegas 6,7,8.0 Enthusiasts

    This forum would be for any individual with any level of expertise in the Sony Vegas series editing software. This would include Sony DVD Architect and some various audio editing that

    may apply to projects created within the program.

    It is my goal...  more
    led by Gregg Collins

  • 320

    Movie Makers

    Discussions on the processes of film making. Any and all aspects of the production unit.
    led by johnashton

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    Orlando Filmmakers

    This group was formed in order to network with filmmakers (i.e. directors, cam ops, dop, etc...) in order to make our independent films a reality. If you want to be a part of making a film this is the group that you need to join. We network in order to...  more
    led by Flexxville

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    Asian Films

    Infernal Affairs

    Old Boy

    My Sassy Girl
    led by lesley

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    Abu Dhabi Filmmakers

    Filmmakers cafe will be a platform for filmmakers in the region.
    led by Rajah Balakrishna

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    North Texas Film Students & Filmmakers

    Texas is a large area and as such networking works best best by region of the state. This group is to help my fellow North Texan filmmakers and film students connect just to be able to better network for projects.
    led by iggzy

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    Animation / VFX

    Everything Animation and VFX.
    led by jodymichelle

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    Latest: "Gulliver Rising" Show of moral dilemma, and overcoming. Each one is different dramatic situation on the same theme. "To him that overcomest..." Revelations
    led by Annette Buchanan-Phillips