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    Get Paid To Get PAid Film Competition

    Qualified filmmakers who submit there films to be considered for webetheater between now and April 5th will be entered for a chance to be paid to put there film on in addition to keeping a majority of their actual ticket sales!

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    led by Jan Morris

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    Ashté Nova


    Ashté Nova was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. He started picking up a casserole, and a little stick at a very young age and from that point on it has been a basis of who he is and what he loves doing. He has discovered his own talents/skills and has

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    led by Hans Tondereau

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    ParidiCine is born in the head of it’s director Maria Jose Burgos, who after living various experiences abroad comes to the conclusion that local realities rarely have the opportunity to be known or recognized globally. Cultural exchanges in film are

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    led by JOse Molina

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