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  • Douglas Bowker
    Douglas Bowker posted a new video:
    The Boston Carmelites - Before the Face of God
    Part of what will be alonger-form documentary, this version was shot and edited by me over the course of a couple of years. The nuns of the monastery do not leave once they take their vows except for medical reasons, and virtually no one, including family...
    • February 25, 2019
  • Paul Bruce
    Paul Bruce and Kim Welch liked Sonia JEAN-BAPTISTE's blog entry.
    • January 13, 2019
  • Francisco Javier Fernandez
    Francisco Javier Fernandez posted a new video:
    Cariñena grape harvest 4K
    Every year from vastest and oldest winegrowing area of Aragón, Cariñena's grape harvest shows result of effort and experience since ancestral times, when first celtiberian inhabitants decided cultivate the wine grape between extreme windy range mountains ...
    • December 1, 2018
    Sonia JEAN-BAPTISTE posted a new classified listing:
    • December 14, 2017
    Sonia JEAN-BAPTISTE wrote a new blog entry:
    • December 14, 2017