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  • Dallas VideoFest
    Dallas VideoFest posted a new video:
    Cinematic Conversations with R Colin Tait on Black Christmas
    Hawthorne College is quieting down for the holidays as students travel home to spend time with their families. But as Riley and her sorority sisters prepare to deck the halls with seasonal parties, a mysterious cloaked figure starts to leave a bloody trai...
    • December 21, 2020
  • David Timber
    David Timber posted a new video:
    PSYCH RUINS - Abby's Journey continues
    A New Media Series in development. Created by David Timber. A Creative Technology Production. Written, and produced by David Timber.
    • April 27, 2020
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    • David Timber
      Kim Welch Very cool. I really love this kind of stuff if you didn't already know that. I am thinking about doing a Halloween contest. I hope you will enter this and others.
  • Andrew Jimenez
    Andrew Jimenez posted a new video:
    • May 24, 2015