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  • Kasia Jarco Hi there! A new video covering Color Isolation in DaVinci Resolve is already on Color Grading Insights YouTube channel: This technique has been used in the iconic films like Schindler's List or Sin City so it's worth to learn :)
    Jun 10

  • Jason Scott Visual Effects

  • Sean Mannion New KitSplit Plus program to support rentals for larger shoots including dedicated rental agents to book the gear at the lowest price and the most convenient pickup locations. Also a new rewards program to get money back on every rental through the platform.
    Mar 14

  • Sonia JEAN-BAPTISTE Chelsea Film Festival is now in the TOP 10 film festivals in North America! USA TODAY 10Best. Thank you everyone
    Apr 2

  • Kenneth A. Rivers The love of my life is in a Hospice Home now. I am in the room with her now as she sleeps. Linda has terminal cancer and is not long for this life. This is a very dark time for me. :(
    August 3, 2018