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Today's #TechTerm!!
Waveform Monitor:
A special type of oscilloscope used in television applications. Typically used to measure and display the level, or voltage, of a video signal with respect to time. The level of a video signal usually corresponds to the brightness, or luminance, of the part of the image being drawn onto a regular video screen at the same point in time. It can also be used to visualize and observe special signals in the vertical blanking interval of a video signal, as well as the color burst between each line of video. Waveform monitors are often used to assist with the calibration of television cameras, and to "line up" multiple cameras being used at the same location in order to ensure that the same scene shot under the same conditions will produce the same results. Or, as a tool to assist in telecine (film-to-tape transfer), color correction, and other video production activities. www.markertek.com