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New stuff from soundguy

  • Okay, I am sorry that it has been so long since I have been here, but the last year has been really busy. Still no reason that I couldn"t have visited and wrote a little note. This should bring my friends here up to speed and I would love to here from you guys as well. Looks like there are a lot more friends here to meet, look forward to meeting some new people.

    We finished our newest project called "Button Pusher" and this will be part of the DFW Gong Show. "Unglued" has now won two awards from two different film festivals, one for best edited short film and the other for best short film drama. We are very happy about this and look forward to only the best for this short film. We are gearing up for the 24 Hour Race in Dallas next month, we missed last years race and are really looking forward to this years.