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New Project!

  • Well, I have been having trouble trying to get a job... even tryed Micky D's..This has also stalled me from going to collage.. man.. anyway I have had an Idea lately for a New short.. I think I'll take it slow and think it out right.. I might start "Pre-Production" on it next month around the 10th.. I dont really have any equipment.. except for a Hi8 camcorder.. and without editing equipment or the converter equipment... I will be stuck at "Post-Production" for awhile.. well I hope some of you who read this, will look forward to my next project.. It will also be my First Outside of School project.. So I should have allot more freedom in the direction, as I a self-proclaimed Filmmaker want to take... well its about 3am right now for me.. So peace out.. and I will be posting random updates for my upcoming project..