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My Goings on.. Update: June 27 2011

  • Hello all! I know its been about 6-7 months since you last heard from me and I apologize for that.. This the small excerpt I told you about so please read and provide your thoughts:

    As I sat clutching my parachute, the Captain ordered us to stand up. I grew scared and started shaking. The Captain spoke; “Alright men, this is what you’ve been training for. When you see that green light turn on you jump, you don’t jump, you’ll be pushed.” Without realizing it I shouted in unison with my company “Sir, Yes Sir”. Then, quicker then I hoped the light turned green. I saw several soldiers jump out of the plane till it was my turn. I looked at the Captain, the next thing I knew I was falling down closer and closer towards the ground.
    I hit the ground hard, luckily I wasn’t hurt. I quickly torn off my parachute and fastened my gear and pack on my back, pulled the plastic off my rifle, grabbed several magazines and placed them in my pocket for easy reach, took one and loaded it. I fumbled around my stuff looking for my cricket and found it. Not two minutes later I heard shouting and gunfire; I took a deep breath and headed towards the noise. I crawled carefully past a hedge and saw five Germans screaming and pointing to the sky. They started to shoot their weapons in the air at what I assumed where my fellow soldiers.
    I knew I had to act quickly but I wasn’t sure if there were more than five. It was a chance I had to take, if it meant saving a few of my friends. I said in German as loud as possible “There is Now Several American brigades in the area, Surrender, and we will give you quarter, Fight, and you will die. You are surrounded.” I watched as fear gripped their faces, then anger, one replied “We are the Pride of the German Army, We will never surrender!” He bellowed. “Then you will die” I whispered as I shot two in the head and fired 3 shots into the third, the fourth started to run as the fifth shot him in the back. I shot him twice in the body and once in the head. I noticed movement on the opposite side of the tree line.
    I pulled out my cricket and clicked it once, I heard the returning two clicks and moved to where the Germans now laid motionless. “Good shooting Private” I turned around, saluted and replied “Yes, Sir, Thank you Sir.” In my mind I knew this was going to be a long fight.

    This is the opening scene..
    well hope you enjoyed it and feel free to comment.. now onto other things that are going on.. I recently Graduated and got my AA.. I have decided to take another brake from school and I have started looking for a job.. boy is it hard down here.. well I'll try to get another blog post up in a shorter time then these 6 month updates here..

    This is Steve signing off.