The Quantified Self Film

  • We are excited to announce that we have officially launched our Kickstarter campaign!!  

    Here is the link to share and support our film: 



    We have spent many many weeks, days, and hours on making this the best campaign it can be, and we are bound for success. 

    -Everyone who donates $5 or more will receive a 1 month membership to, which is basically the netflix for indiefilms. 

    -at $25 people get a digital copy of the film, which is the most common perk.

    -Those who donate $50 will receive a cool tracking device that monitors their heart rate and oxygen saturation level, which is great for runners, climbers, pilots, and anyone in with an active lifestyle. These could be great christmas gifts!

    take a look at all the rewards and see if you can target your friends directly on something that may interest them.

    Thank you so much for your support of this awesome project!!

    Gleb Osatinski