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Looking for representation as a screenwriter

  • Dream. The script is an Action/Adventure/Fantasy that takes place in the mind. Dream, I feel, is a unique script with a high-intense fast-pace non-stop Action/Adventure with a little twist that today’s movie-going crowd will readily warm to and find gripping. This is my best work and deserves my best efforts to get it made.

    Story of Dream:

    Animus Inc. formally known as Mentis Compos Inc. an organization that would test on human subjects that was considered inhuman. Testing was done secretly and was never documented in public records. Former cofounder Professor Clark told CNN that “Mentis Compos meant Mind Control, the propose of technology. The future of tomorrow, technology of the mind. Finding was to help those in need, for the mentally ill, the handicap.

    To give life a new, looking for a better tomorrow.” Mentis Compos Inc. was in business for 8 years before they closed the doors. Professor Clark left a year before the claims of inhuman testing was brought up. A year after Clark “retired” officers raided Mentis Compos Inc. to find unauthorized and inhuman test subjects. Vince Mackey founder of Mentis Compos Inc. was never found guilty of the acts that went on in the facility and was released from custody a month after the raid.

    Reports say that Vince Mackey created a new company called Animus Inc. which runs under the same law as the sister company ran under. Vince was under investigation but never found guilty. Later he was released for good and his new company Animus Inc. is up and running with anticipation of it’s new motto Dream big, Live free. Vince spends days on his research until he comes across Alex with unique qualities.

    Vince founds out this guy is able to control the very mind of a person, though Vince runs into one problem Alex is a local police officer which wouldn’t be easy to have a test run on him. So with careful planning and the right people Vince brought on board, he was able to devised a plan to control Alex mind. With Alex under Vince control he’s able to learn about the powers Alex possess.

    Vince plan was for Alex to feel like nothing happened, Alex would be in a dream state of mind and wouldn’t know that Vince was draining him of his power. There seem to be no hope of Alex ever having his life back, until Nala his wife found a break. Nala with the aid of “breakers” a group that was created by Professor Clark, they secretly hack into the system from an out source to help him wake up. The system Vince calls somnium fraudator meaning “Dream stealer.”

    Being under this system for five years they know it would be a hard task to get Alex to understand what he knew wasn’t real but a dream. With Vince gaining his powers, Vince tested them out on the city, crumbling it down. Clark knew that Vince no longer meant this for good but for his own self wealth. Vince would keep the powers for himself and leave the rest of the world to suffer for it.

    Tommy Chase, Chief Isaac Johnson, Sam Halls, Nala baker, and Professor Clark made the “Breakers” and together they were able to hack into the system and secretly help Alex. With this group Alex was able to find his way out and understand who he is. Alex awakens from his dream to find the world he knew was in shambles because of Vince.

    He set out to end Vince destructive way and help rebuild what was destroyed.

    Dream: synopsis

    Alex is an everyday police Officer that lived a normal life, until one day he was jerked into an alley and coming to doesn’t remember what happened. Friends he once knew have turned against him and people he doesn't even know are out to kill him. What you don’t know could kill you, have you every had a dream you thought for sure was real and if you woke up you’d die?