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Blogs » Online.tv Studios Now Open In Times Square!!!!!

Online.tv Studios Now Open In Times Square!!!!!

  • Great news!  The studio is up and running, and I have need of the following:

    - a direct marketing producer/research expert, who has produced infomercials with high conversion rates - I need samples of reels, references and data on proven results - we have all the crew and talent in house, we just need a producer to run the production, as long as they can produce results

    - preditors - director/shooter/editors who have their own gear (HD/HDv) and can produce short webisodes under contract for group rate.  Must be able to turn around pieces same day and be high quality.  Think news packages - 3 to 5 min, using created or stock b-roll, stock music.

    - people interested in touring our facility for rentals - I'm taking tours all next week - please let me know if you are interested.

    - take a look at some pieces we've cut for Cinematography.tv - the first Online.tv Network site we'll be launching this winter - and let us know if there is someone you'd like to suggest for an interview:


    Melissa Ulto
    Melissa Ulto
    Director of Production
    917 549 7006