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Obama Doc Needs You!

  • Hi:

    I have been shooting for the last several months, covering President Obama's
    first 90 days in office, for my documentary "From 0 to 90".  This entire
    documentary is groundbreaking for several reasons:

    1. EVERY interview has been sourced through social networks - Facebook,
    Twitter, Friendster, Myspace, Hipster, Tribe, Tribe Hollywood, Massify,
    dating sites, Craigs List, etc.

    2. We are not focusing on the "experts" but regular people with a wide range
    of opinions - pro/con/apathetic.  Republican, Libertarian, Democrat, Green
    Party - you name it!

    3. We are recording history as it happens, during a very dramatic time in
    our collective history.  Please be a part of it!

    But we want to make this film an extraordinary documentation of how change
    occurred, and to do that, we want to get at least 90 interviews from
    different locations worldwide, on Day 90.  Day 90 itself will be a short
    documentary, just on capturing the international response alone!


    1. Video Camera - any kind of video camera will do!  Old, new, high tech,
    Fisher Price - you name it.  Just make sure you are in decent light and can
    be heard - your voice is incredibly important!

    2. Webcam - shoot your interview on a webcam and save it locally, to send in
    to multostars@gmail.com, or use yousendit.com to send the files as well.

    3. Audio record and send in pictures - record your interview on audio and
    send in a few images of yourself to put over the audio.

    The release form and questions are located here:


    The trailer can be seen here:


    Please also join the facebook group below:


    We are also looking for journalists and leadership experts who want to do a
    wrap up analysis of the 90 days, to compare with the interviews collected so

    If you've already participated, thanks so much!  We'd love you to submit a
    follow up interview!

    Day 90 is officially Sunday March 19, however, I'd like to ask you do the
    interview either Sunday or Monday March 20.

    So far, we have submissions coming in from:

    - California
    - Georgia
    - Texas
    - Illinois
    - Maryland
    - Pennsylvania
    - New Jersey
    - New York
    - New Hampshire
    - Maine
    - Connecticut
    - Oregon
    - Florida
    - Georgia


    - England
    - Ireland
    - Germany
    - Tibet
    - Burma
    - India
    - New Zealand
    - Kenya
    - South Africa
    - Belize
    - Mexico
    - Canada
    - Serbia
    - Greece
    - Spain
    - Estonia

    If you can add your voice and location, we'd love to include you!

    Thank you very much for your time!

    Melissa Ulto