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I'm in a book!

  • I never mentioned that I'm actually featured in a new book. Phil Hall, a writer/editor at Film Threat magazine, and I met through my former podcast, The Martini Shot: Moviemaking for Beginners (which might be making a return). I interviewed him once or twice, and he interviewed me once or twice. It's been fun. So in the middle of last year, Phil interviewed me for a book he was writing about indie film distribution. He knew that I was the host of The Martini Shot and that I had founded the New Jersey Podcasters Association, so he thought I'd be a good subject for part of the book. So I agreed to do the interview.

    Several months passed, and I completely forgot about the interview. Then late last year, Phil announced to everyone he interviewed for the book that it would be coming out soon. I was excited! My first interview for a book. I had just hoped that my answers had been timeless enough to work in a book. Thankfully, they were (except for my website URL, but that's ok).

    So now, you can purchase the book, Independent Film Distribution, How To Make A Successful End Run Around the Big Guys, by Phil Hall, available through the Student Filmmakers online store. It's a good read (I'm on page 96-97).