Before That Moment

  • Logline:

    A man with a troubled past finds himself backed up in a corner after he befriends the daughter of the woman he stabbed to death years ago.


    Six year old Madeleine (Maddy) Picolli witnessed her mother, Emma be senselessly stabbed to death after her mother refused handing over her handbag to a gang of teenage boys. The police on sight acted quickly, arresting four of the five boys who were part of the incident.

    However the fifth unidentified boy who managed to escape also happened to be the boy who killed Maddy’s mother, a fourteen year old very troubled teen known as Eazy to his gang members, but better known as Ben Walker to his grandmother Neecy Walker. Ben escapes with the assistance of his grandmother, who destroys Emma’s handbag. But pockets what is to be the thread of the story, the photo of 16 year old Emma in a luminous green jersey which she showed to Maddy in the café just minutes before the attack took place on the streets of Lily Lane. Neecy tears out the face of Emma from the photo.

    Twenty years later Ben Walker (34) and his grandmother, Neecy reside in Willow Region. Ben and Maddy (26), meet again at a Willow nursing home where Neecy resides due to the fact that she has Alzheimer’s. Maddy who is new in town has been placed as Neecy’s new nurse. Neecy automatically sees the resemblance between Maddy and the late Emma. Ben is quick to dispel this and reminds Neecy not to talk about Lily Lane to anyone.
    Conrad Flinigan a Lily Lane prisoner also known as the late Emma Picolli’s convicted murderer, is visited by an eloquent lady by the name of Elaine Niggell.

    Conrad stands by his stance that he did not stab the late Emma but that a fifth boy whom he knew as Eazy did. Elaine is part of a secret team under the name Project X. They have been tasked with searching for the fifth boy whom both Maddy and Conrad testified to when the incident occurred. Elaine and Conrad are a couple, having bonded through the time Elaine spent with him trying to get more information on Eazy. She informs him of the new lead in the case. Elaine’s investigation leads her to Willow Region where her latest suspect is Ben and she ropes in Officer Jeff Marshall, Maddy’s boyfriend into the team conducting the investigation.

    Jeff will be close enough to Maddy and hence be able to bring the team vital information concerning Ben and Neecy as Maddy has somehow formed some sort of a relationship with them. Ben soon learns that Maddy is in fact the Madeleine Picolli from the Lily Lane tragedy. However he refrains from divulging this information to Maddy, but finds himeslf unable to distance himself from her. Maddy is interested in him and the two find ease with each other. They soon open up about their tragic pasts to each other. Maddy unaware, gets insight into the difficult history of her late mother’s murderer. The strong tragic connection between the two leads Maddy to kiss Ben.

    She immediately comes clean to Jeff about her actions. Jeff who is obviously upset manages to keep his cool long enough (understanding the enormity of the case), in order to pursue her for more information about what Ben has told her about himself. She mentions that although Ben told her he’s originally from Tuckerville, his grandmother once mentioned that they used to live in Lily Lane.

    This prompts Jeff to tell Elaine, who is certain that this confirms her suspicions about Ben. However Sergeant Bintner, who’s been working alongside them, thinks it could just be a coincident, noting that Neecy has Alzheimer’s.
    Jeff clearly not over the kiss that Maddy and Ben shared, gets into an altercation with Ben. Jeff leaks some information concerning the case to Ben out of rage. Elaine is quick to pull Jeff away from the scene. She’s come too far to let this one slip.

    Maddy finds out that Jeff went after Ben. They break up and Maddy seeks refuge with Ben, they spend the night together.
    Next morning Maddy mistakenly finds the photo of her late mother when she was 16 years old in the luminous green jersey in Ben’s house. Maddy immediately recognises the photo even though the face has been cut out. She asks Ben if the photo belonged to him, but after he denies it whilst offering little information thereafter, she rushes out the house in search of Jeff.

    One of the wardens of Lily Lane prison informs Sergeant Bintner that Elaine is seeing Conrad. Sergeant Bintner goes after Elaine, claiming that this could possibly put the whole case under disregard.

    Maddy charges inside Sergeant Bintner’s office, where she is shocked to find Jeff, Elaine and Sergeant Bintner standing by a wall covered in photos of the four Fighters boys with arrows pointing at a photo of Ben.
    Maddy wants answers. They tell her that Ben is a suspect in her late mother’s death. They suspect he is the infamous Eazy. After Maddy calms down slightly from the shock, she tells them about the photo she found.

    Sergeant Bintner makes it known to Maddy that Elaine is dating Conrad, and after Elaine reassures them that while she believes Conrad is innocent, she would never wrongfully accuse someone just to get Conrad out. They decide to go after Ben. They all head to the nursing home. They get to Ben before he escapes with Neecy. Maddy confronts Ben. Ben confesses to killing her mother. Ben asks for Maddy’s forgiveness. They arrest him. Ben sees to it that Maddy gets back her late mother’s photo.

    Maddy makes it her task to inform Neecy that Ben has confessed to the murder of her late mother and has been arrested. This is in vain as a few minutes later Neecy seems to have forgotten the conversation. Maddy sadly leaves Neecy behind as she has decided to leave Willow Region and return home in her attempt to recover from this latest shock in her life.