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Fun Is Where The Pirates Are

  • Haven't blogged in a while, it's late, and I have work early in the morning.  Figured I'd create a list of fun, funky foreign movies that you should really check out.  They're not all "Amelie," but they are pretty cool.

    1. Cool (Netherlands)

    2. Brice de Nice (France)

    3. Advertising Rules! (Germany)

    4. Le Pacte des Loups - Brotherhood of the Wolf (France)

    5. Slim Susie (Sweden)

    6. L'Auberge Espagnole (France/Spain)

    7. Danny Deckchair (Australia)

    8. Le Dine de Cons - The Dinner Game (France)

    9. Garage Days (Australia)

    10. Le Lac de Les Morts Vivants - Lake of the Dead (France)

    11. Karov La Bayit - Close to Home (Israel)

    12. Beaufort (Israel)

    13. Paradise Now (Palestine)

    14. Mrs. Henderson Presents (Great Britain)

    15. Black Books, Series 1 - 3 (Great Britain)

    16. The Secret of Roan Inish (Ireland)

    17. The History Boys (Great Britain)

    18. Happenstance (France)

    19. Festival in Cannes (France/United States)

    20. Goal!  The Beginning (United States/Great Britain)

    21. 24 Hour Party People (Great Britain)

    Some, watch for the stories.  They vary from quite funny to quite serious.  Some, watch for visual style.  Some, watch for both.

    As Tony Wilson would say, "Go forth, and preach the gospel."