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  • Monsters

    They lurk in the shadows and cover of darkness.  They don’t come out in the light because it would reveal their true nature and who they are.

    In the shadows and at night they are quite alluring.  They can and do appear as anything or anyone you want them to be.

    They feed on your lusts and desires. They are patient and will wait for as long as it takes to snare you.  At first they appear harmless and lead you to believe that they are your friends.

    They whisper lies that can be believed in the absence of light.
    They would have you believe the truth is a fallacy.  They know if the convince you the truth is fluid and there are no absolutes they can convince you to believe the lie.
    Their ways are so subtle you don’t realize you’re being trapped. 

    In the beginning you believe you can walk away any time you choose but you never choose to walk away.

    They know they have you when you surrender your will to theirs.  Satisfaction is temporary at best because the euphoria never lasts.  You are now consumed by your desires and willing to sacrifice every thing for just a little more.  
    What they don’t tell you, and you only find out when they have you, is that a little more is never enough.  The craving is never satisfied.

    They are done with you only when they have destroyed who you were and drained the life out of you.
    Few have escaped and lived to tell the horrors of those who dwell in the shadows and darkness.  None of them ever escaped without the help of the One.