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CSI Rentals: Canon EOS 1DC 4K DSLR

  • CSI Rentals: Canon EOS 1DC 4K DSLR

    The Canon 1DC 4K Cinema DSLR is now available for rental here at CSI Rentals!

    This cinema camera from Canon brings a lot to the table in terms of DSLR video capability. With unprecedented 4K recording ability, Canon has once again established itself on top of the DSLR video world.

    This camera in addition to its powerful video specification has all of the stills features from the top of the line 1DX including its extremely fast burst rate of 14fps (the only external physical differences between the two is the camera badge and the 1DC’s headphone jack replacing the PC-sync port on the 1DX).

    For video the 1DC can immediately offer superior production value to other DSLRs on the market. With its 4K capability and Canon Log picture profile as well as 60 FPS video capture in full HD, the 1DC is a powerful tool. The 1DC is also perfect as a B-Cam for other 4K cameras such as the Red Scarlet. Combine those with the Canon cinema lenses and you have a kit ready for any production be it narrative, documentary, or otherwise.

    Having powerful specifications, the 1DC is the perfect camera for combining video and stills work without compromise for the professional photographer/videographer.

    Rent the Canon EOS 1DC Cinema 4k DSLR today at CSI Rentals New York.

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