Blogs » Welcome to the Professional Sound Services (PSS) Profile Page Here in the Network!

Welcome to the Professional Sound Services (PSS) Profile Page Here in the Network!

  • Welcome to the Professional Sound Services (PSS) Profile Page Here in the Network!

    Professional Sound Services

    Professional Sound Services (PSS) located in New York, NY and New Orleans, LA is dedicated to providing the best in audio equipment Sales, Service and Rentals throughout the US and World.

    For a number of years PSS has brought a concern for service to a loyal clientele in production sound for motion pictures, broadcasting, and video production. They also serve recording studios, schools, universities, and government agencies worldwide.

    Owner Rich Topham Jr. is a leader in bringing "sound education" to many throughout the years. With experience in just about all aspects of sound and recording in productions and post-productions, Rich Topham Jr. has worked with many major films, televisions series, sitcoms, commercials and industrial videos. Rich Topham Jr. himself has been awarded six Emmy Awards for technical support in sound. Rich is a member of Cinema Audio Society (CAS), Society of Motion Pictures Technicians and Engineers (SMPTE), Audio Engineering Society (AES), National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)and National Technical Investigators’ Association (NATIA).

    Rich Topham says "Education is fundamentally the most important part of the audio business" Professional Sound Services workshops cover the tools, techniques, and procedures used in the professional sound business. Students gain an appreciation of the aesthetic aspects of sound recording, learn tricks for creating an audio design and explore how to manipulate room tone, dialogue, and effects tracks for a realistic sound presence. Pre-production planning, boom and wireless microphone operation, microphone planting, tape-deck signal setup, and other techniques are also addressed. In addition, students are introduced to the latest recording equipment, inter-format recording for music videos and commercial production, time code and other management tools for post production. Each month PSS holds at least two workshops, either on-site in the NYC store or on-location at various colleges, universities or private businesses. Rich added " It's great to be with fellow audio technicians and share with them my personal stories and anecdotes."

    Rich also makes sure all the tech staff at PSS are technically up-to-date. "In this ever changing environment, sound mixers need the latest gear with the latest knowledge on the way to best run that gear." Recently a client called PSS and stated " I can always rely on the PSS staff to answer all my questions without having to "get back to me". Their knowledge is up to the minute and immediate."

    Professional Sound Services Rental Department carries a wide range of the latest equipment for all of your audio needs. From a Sound Device Mixer to a Lectrosonics Combo System to a Sennheiser Microphone, PSS offers you a three day Rental Week, a deal that can't be beat. Speak with Matt Zimmerman the Rental Manager and let him put together a package kit that is just right for you." alt="Professional Sound Services" width="400" height="248" border="0">

    As a Factory Authorized Service Center for many manufacturers in the audio business, Professional Sound Services provides prompt and reliable service on a wide variety of professional audio equipment, both in and out of warranty. Rich Topham Jr. says "I know that the investment in your production audio equipment is important to you. Regular care and maintenance is an important step in prolonging the life of that investment... my Service Manager, Vlad Tarasov, is one of the best audio technicians around."

    Professional Sound Services recently added a brand new post-production studio.  The studio is equipped with the best in professional equipment for both audio and video.  Need audio clean up, an audio transfer with time code, or just a basic audio dub?  No Problem. Open 24/7? No Problem. The technical staff is highly qualified and respected.

    Professional Sound Services has an extensive website located at The largest inventory of professional sound equipment on the web. You can directly buy on-line or even better, stop by the NYC office and chat with the staff. Pizza is always available on a Friday at noon and discussions of the latest technologies and personal experiences abound. And don't forget to send them your "On Location" pictures. The PSS monthly newsletter has the most up-to-date news with many pictures and stories in the field.