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About P.A. Bootcamp

  • It is our GOAL to thoroughly prepare you, so when you get your first job on a film, television, or commercial set, you will be completely familiar with, and ready for, everything expected of you. We make YOU an ASSET to the production.

    Included in our program:

    - Making the film, from prep to post

    - All production paperwork

    - Production terminology

    - Hands on radio training

    - Set protocol, i.e. “do’s and don’ts”

    - How the A.D. team functions

    - Other crew departments function and interaction

    - Gear and supplies

    - The Office P.A.

    - Preparing your resume

    - Where to find a job

    Quixote’s P.A. Bootcamp is designed as a real-world, practical job training program. If you are going to your first day of work as a P.A., wouldn’t it be better to know what is going on all around you?  Our goal is to prepare you thoroughly and completely for the job of Production Assistant, which is your first step into the entertainment business as it has been for many highly successful producers, executives, directors and others currently working in the industry.

    We provide take-home paperwork which covers everything taught in the course, as well as many actual production documents from recent films and TV shows.

    In addition to the regular curriculum, we frequently have guest speakers from all aspects of production.

    Working as a P.A. on a feature film is different from working on a commercial or music video. Quixote’s P.A. Bootcamp trains for ALL types of production:

    - Features–high and low budget

    - Episodic TV

    - Reality shows

    - Commercials

    - Music videos