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About Talenthouse

  • Talenthouse is the world’s platform for creative collaboration, connecting aspiring talent, established artists and brand advertisers. Artists always retain ownership of their own work using Talenthouse as a platform to collaborate, grow their audience and monetize their work. Brands choose Talenthouse to engage in a dialogue with consumers in an entertaining, relevant and credible context.

    Celebrated icons and global brands like Nokia, Playstation, Oracle, Universal Music, bing, 20th Century Fox, adidas, Nikon, Warner Music, Microsoft, HP, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, U2, Lady Gaga, deadmau5, Dolce & Gabbana, Paul McCartney, Tom Ford, Stan Lee, Eric Clapton and Linkin Park are among many who have turned to Talenthouse to build brand visibility and awareness across and beyond the social web. Talenthouse is where artists and brands engage to build an authentic community that rewards creativity and unlocks the value of collaboration.

    Our mission is to liberate all artists.

    “Creative Invites”: A Once In a Lifetime Opportunity

    Talenthouse is also the place where artists and brands engage; where the conversations and campaigns we cultivate across the social web create unique career opportunities for members of our community. Established artists and iconic brands partner with Talenthouse to host global online campaigns called “Creative Invites.” Creative Invites encourage emerging and established talent to contribute their best work and spread the word among their fans and followers through a sophisticated viral contest platform. Fan communities follow and support the artists and creatives, sharing the work they admire and driving socially relevant conversations. Winners of the Creative Invites are chosen by the respective host and receive a “once in a lifetime” collaboration opportunity. Talenthouse has given singers the dream of opening for their favorite musicians, artists the chance to have their work seen by millions, and designers the reality of bringing their sketches to life.

    Sponsored Engagement Engine (SEE): Maximum Engagement Via Social Voting

    Brands choose Talenthouse to engage in a dialogue with their audience in a targeted, relevant and credible context. Our Sponsored Engagement Engine (SEE), a targeted and effective social media marketing tool delivers maximum engagement via social voting. SEE enables established artists and brands to sponsor campaigns that grow awareness and become a part of the community by discovering, collaborating with and mentoring emerging talent. As artists collaborate on projects, create original content and share their passions with their fans across social networks, they help build an authentic community of engagement around popular culture and shared interests. This means every campaign cycle achieves phenomenal reach and measurable value for artist and brand.

    Talenthouse currently focuses on film, fashion, music, art / design, and photography.

    The Talenthouse team is located in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York and London.



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  • Anita Dhaveji
    Anita Dhaveji The first ever film festival of Navi Mumbai, NMIFF(Navi Mumbai International Film Festival) is founded with the idea to showcase the talent & creativity of filmmakers under the sky of this beautiful city.
    NMIFF is determined to cultivate the...  more
    September 8, 2014 - Report